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Every step at Wellness Elite Fitness is about more than just exercise; it’s about nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. Our diverse range of services is tailored to meet you at every stage of your wellness journey.

Vending Machine Smoothies

Fuel Your Fitness - Sip on our delicious, nutrient-packed smoothies, a perfect pick-me-up after a great workout.

Massage Chairs

Relax and Unwind - Ease into our luxurious massage chairs and let your muscles relax and recover in style.

Personal Training

Transform with Experts - Benefit from our personalized training programs, crafted to fit your unique fitness goals in a supportive environment.

Semi-Private Small Group 1-on-1

The Power of Community - Enjoy the motivation of group workouts with the personalized attention of a one-on-one session.

Nutrition Coaching

Eat Smart, Live Well - Get tailored nutritional guidance to complement your fitness routine, available both in-person and online.

Red Light Sauna

Revitalize Your Body - Step into our red light sauna and experience a new level of recovery and well-being.


Our members share their success stories and how personal training has been a game-changer:

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J ZTS (JZ01)
J ZTS (JZ01)
Prior to meeting Imani, I viewed diet and exercise as a chore rather than a lifestyle. He guided me through the process of making serious changes, and worked with me on both the physical and mental aspects. He became a trusted mentor, seeing me through several obstacles in my personal life, all of which directly translated into overall positive well-being. In a short amount of time (<1 year) I dropped 25lbs, put on muscle mass; am sleeping better, have more energy; and most importantly--enjoy a new mental clarity and focus I didn't think was possible over the age of 40.
Barbara Derlein
Barbara Derlein
Imani is an excellent trainer and coach! He customized the work outs to accommodate an injury and helped me work toward my goals at a solid forward moving pace.
Rachel Ballard
Rachel Ballard
Imani is a diamond in the rough. You will curse him during the session, won't be able to walk for days and see results fast! He truly cares about his clients.
David Hopkins
David Hopkins
Imani is excellent, and he is passionate about his work! I use to train with him for months in the past when I lived in the area. He has a lot of experience, and he will customize a work-out plan to meet your goals. Go Imani!
Erica Hilliard
Erica Hilliard
I can’t say enough about Imani and the entire Wellness team! When I first started working out with Imani a year ago, I’ll admit I wasn’t a happy camper because his workouts and diet regimens are intense to say the least. But after losing more than 30 pounds, I couldn’t be more pleased. Plus, I appreciate how Imani makes sure that no two workouts are alike. If you’re looking to make a HUGE lifestyle change.. for the better.. don’t look any further! This is the place for you! Erica Hilliard Client since April 2021
william reed
william reed
I had the fortunate opportunity to work out with Imani Lowery and have him for a trainer. His conditioning and strength training paid off for me. I was injured in an accident in November. I started PT in December and could still hear Imani telling me yes there is going to be pain but without it there will be no progress. If you quit the only person you are quitting on is your self. What a motivator he is. I am making great strides. I am finishing my therapy on my own now and I am not going to give up. Imani is the best trainer you will ever get.
Laura Lopez
Laura Lopez
Joining Wellness Corp. was a life changing decision I made 3 months ago that will forever stick with me! Imani is THE BEST! I wasn’t looking for someone to baby me. I wanted someone to hold me accountable! I came in, & told him I was ready for a lifestyle change. He 100% delivered. I was able to lose 20lbs in my 3 months here. Not only did Imani train me on proper workouts for my body type, but this man is so knowledgeable! He was able to calculate for me how many calories, protein, carbs, fat, etc. I needed daily to get me to my goal weight. Every single workout session was like attending a nutrition class. I would workout and just hear him go on & on about health, fitness, natural supplements for the body, etc. I always made sure to come in ready to take mental notes, because I came in search of knowledge on not only how to lose weight, but how to get healthy & maintain my health for the future. He is very passionate about getting the world healthy through nutrition & fitness. It was an honor to have someone so focused on bettering mankind train me!
Allyson Johnstone Howard
Allyson Johnstone Howard
Imani is a master at his craft. I am stronger and leaner and in the 130s for the first time in 10 years. Five stars. Highly recommend.
Christine Speights
Christine Speights
Wellness corporation is the place to be. Imani is a great knowledgeable trainer and will definitely help you reach your goal. I will also say that he definitely boosted my confidence even more.

Your Wellness, Our Passion

Your journey to a fitter, healthier life is unique, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. At Wellness Elite Fitness, we’re more than just a gym – we’re a community committed to helping you achieve your best.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs:

Here are some clear and helpful information about our services and facilities.

Wellness Elite Fitness offers the Vending machine smoothies Program, Message Chairs,  Corporate Weight Loss Challenge, 1-on-1 Workout Sessions, Nutrition coaching & Red light sauna. Each of these Friendswood based Wellness Elite programs offers a wide variety of inclusive physical fitness options; strength training, weight training, high-intensity interval training, core fitness, corporate fitness challenge plans, or we could even develop a marathon training plan for you. In all honesty, the challenges we tackle are completely up to you; we’ll help you conquer all of your fitness goals.

Although many prefer the fitness classes and groups fitness clubs to a home gym, this option may be increasingly dangerous thanks to COVID-19. It’s easier to squander this ever-evolving virus by avoiding huge fitness clubs and gym spaces and opting for more personal areas instead. Our Friendswood Wellness Elite   program is just the solution for you.

The team at Wellness Elite Fitness uses comprehensive efforts to keep our home fitness equipment and physical fitness gear clean during the pandemic. We disinfect our equipment after every client, maintain social distancing during the workout, and are currently looking into air purifiers for the workout space. 

Mental endurance is one of the biggest keys to success on a fitness journey. That’s why our unique Wellness Elite programs are centered around helping you change your mindset and not just your body. With the right tools, you’ll get accustomed to maintaining good eating habits, consistent exercise, and even find new ways to raise your confidence.

Fitness Coaching in Friendswood from Wellness Elite is a specialized service that helps individuals to reach their fitness goals through personalized training and guidance. Our Fitness coaches in Friendswood typically work one-on-one with clients, creating customized workout plans, providing guidance on nutrition and lifestyle changes, and monitoring progress. They can also help clients to set realistic goals and provide motivation and support. Bodybuilder training in Friendswood with Wellness Elite is a specific type of fitness coaching that is focused on helping individuals to build muscle mass and improve their physique. This type of training often includes a combination of weightlifting and cardio exercises, as well as a focus on proper nutrition and supplementation. Bodybuilder training in Friendswood is typically led by one of our experienced and certified trainers who have a deep understanding of the sport and can help clients to achieve their goals in a safe and effective way.

Whether you’re looking to get that fit body you’ve been dreaming of or completely transition to a total active and fit lifestyle, our health and fitness coaches in Friendswood are here to help.

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