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Introducing Our Elite Team of Personal Trainers

At Wellness Elite Fitness, our trainers are more than fitness experts – they’re your partners in the journey to a healthier, stronger you. Each trainer brings a wealth of experience, specialized skills, and a personal touch to their coaching. Meet the faces behind our successful fitness programs and find the perfect match for your fitness aspirations.

The Heart of Wellness Elite Fitness

Meet Our Trainers

Imani Lowery

With a dual background in real estate and personal training, Imani Lowery brings over 14 years of successful business experience to Wellness Elite Fitness in Friendswood, Texas. As the driving force behind the Wellness Corporation, Imani is a dedicated personal trainer, nutrition, and weight loss coach. His passion lies in positively transforming lives by consistently guiding clients towards their health and fitness goals with safety and effectiveness.

Nia Patterson

Hello, I’m Nia! As a devoted health enthusiast, I empower individuals to become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. My specialties lie in weight loss, strength conditioning, as well as physique and figure training, complemented by tailored nutrition guidance. I am adept at customizing fitness plans to accommodate dietary restrictions, whether for health reasons or lifestyle choices like veganism or vegetarianism. My approach focuses not just on body transformation, but also on enhancing performance, mindset, motivation, and lifestyle for lasting balance and well-being.

Kenny Grenert

I’m Kenny, and my decade-long journey in fitness is fueled by a passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives. With nine active certifications in areas like Precision Nutrition, USAW Olympic lifting, sports performance, and Corrective exercise, my diverse expertise is a testament to my commitment. My background as a collegiate wrestler and former MMA athlete taught me about the limitless potential of discipline and hard work. My mission is to help others uncover the best version of themselves in all aspects – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Helping others transform their lives is not just my career; it’s my purpose and what motivates me every day.

Katie Mckowen

I’m a ‘retired’ NASA engineer who became a personal trainer & nutrition coach after we adopted our two kids. I struggled to lose weight and regain my sanity, and what worked for others wasn’t working for me. When I used my engineering and problem solving skills to discover the solutions to my own problems, I knew I wanted to help others do the same. I specialize in weight loss, injury rehabilitation, and healthy aging.

Why Choose Our Trainers

Personalized Approach

Every trainer tailors their coaching to your unique needs and fitness goals.

Expert Guidance

Our trainers are certified and stay abreast with the latest fitness techniques and trends.

Mentorship and Support

Beyond fitness guidance, they act as mentors and supporters, genuinely invested in your success.

Diverse Specializations

From weight loss to strength training, our team has a wide range of expertise to cater to various fitness needs.

Motivation and Accountability

They provide the motivation and accountability you need to stay committed to your fitness journey.


Focused on helping you achieve tangible results, whether it's building strength, losing weight, or improving overall health.

Book a Session with Our Trainers

Ready to start your personalized fitness journey? Our trainers are here to guide, motivate, and support you every step of the way. Contact us to schedule a session or learn more about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.
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